HERA Connect Fall 2022

Reaching Every Student

We are officially in the 2022/2023 academic year, and it is much different from the last two years. Having students fully back on campus brings a different energy that is reinvigorating for faculty and staff.

We are honored to serve over 125,000 degree-seeking students across southeastern Wisconsin who are all key to driving our economy forward. What many might not realize is over 57% of these students are considered non-traditional students. These are adults who are enrolling for the first time, students who started and didn’t finish college but wish to do so now, or those who are enrolling to continue their education for further career advancement with certifications or advanced degrees. These students often bring different life and work experiences to their educational journey and have a unique voice that enhances our learning.

Because of this large student population and our commitment to better serving them, this newsletter will share a bit more about our non-traditional students and HERA’s dedication to equity to ensure all students have equal access and opportunities to our educational programs.

Dr. Swallow
HERA Chair and President, Carthage College