Higher Education Regional Alliance launches microcredential portal to connect professionals with new skills 

MILWAUKEE (February 28, 2023) – To help address Southeastern Wisconsin employers’ urgent need to provide new skills to their employees, the Higher Education Regional Alliance (HERA) today announced the launch of a microcredential portal. This new tool will help professionals who are already in the workforce, along with current students, easily find certification and badge programs across HERA institutions that provide in-demand skills for career advancement. 

The launch of this portal is the latest contribution from HERA, a collective force of 18 public and private, two- and four-year colleges and universities and a network of partner organizations in the region that are collaborating to have an even greater impact on students and support the region’s economy. 

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HERA Connect Winter 2023

Collaborating on Microcredentials

I’m proud to announce that HERA institutions have partnered to launch a microcredential portal, bringing together all our institutions’ short-term offerings in a one-stop shop to assist both students and working professionals as they search for programs that can increase their skills and make them even more essential employees. Additional details can be found in this newsletter.

This is the essence of what we had in mind when we launched HERA. While all 18 of our institutions are doing great work on their own, we can accomplish so much more when we all do it together. And by working together, we can be even more engaged with residents of our region during each step of their learning journey. 

Another example of this increased engagement is still to come: This year, as HERA institutions are focused on proactive advising as a key student success strategy across the region, we learned in more detail where students encounter challenges. Proactive Advising is an overarching concept that uses data and takes a preemptive approach that anticipates and helps eliminate concerns, roadblocks and barriers affecting student success from recruitment through graduation. For example, when we see evidence of academic struggles in a particular course early in the semester, we will reach out to determine what added support is needed to ensure the student is successful. By keeping students on track toward timely graduation, the individual, the institution and the region benefit.

And finally, you may already have seen the Wisconsin Policy Forum’s report “College Material,” which puts a renewed focus on our education pipeline. As higher education leaders, we see real value in increasing our engagement with our region’s college readiness programs both inside and outside schools. These include smoother transitions between high school graduation and postsecondary options, and providing students time to identify career interests.

Once again, I thank you all as members and partners of HERA for continuing this important work.

Dr. Swallow

HERA Chair and President, Carthage College

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HERA Connect Fall 2022

Reaching Every Student

We are officially in the 2022/2023 academic year, and it is much different from the last two years. Having students fully back on campus brings a different energy that is reinvigorating for faculty and staff.

We are honored to serve over 125,000 degree-seeking students across southeastern Wisconsin who are all key to driving our economy forward. What many might not realize is over 57% of these students are considered non-traditional students. These are adults who are enrolling for the first time, students who started and didn’t finish college but wish to do so now, or those who are enrolling to continue their education for further career advancement with certifications or advanced degrees. These students often bring different life and work experiences to their educational journey and have a unique voice that enhances our learning.

Because of this large student population and our commitment to better serving them, this newsletter will share a bit more about our non-traditional students and HERA’s dedication to equity to ensure all students have equal access and opportunities to our educational programs.

Dr. Swallow
HERA Chair and President, Carthage College

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HERA Connect Summer 2022

Partnering Together

As a collaborative of 18 southeastern Wisconsin higher education institutions and partner organizations, HERA works to close achievement gaps and train students for their future careers.  As part of our work, we are proud to continue developing certification and micro-credential programs that meet local businesses’ current workforce demands by training on specific job skills.

In this newsletter, you will learn more about the different opportunities available to students to further their education and receive training to fill the jobs of tomorrow. You will also learn how you can partner with HERA to help shape our educational programs to make the most impact in your industry. 

Dr. Swallow
HERA Chair and President, Carthage College

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Moon Shot for Equity

A bold initiative to address equity gaps in higher education. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Carthage College, Milwaukee Area Technical College and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside held a virtual event to announce the launch of the new Moon Shot for Equity partnership with education firm EAB. The public-private initiative focuses on eliminating equity gaps in higher education and ensuring more students complete college degrees. The public briefing was Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 9 a.m. View the recorded launch HERE. Click here for the Official Press Release Additional information is available at EAB’s Moon Shot website