Data Analysis – Advanced Certificate

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Long Term (Greater than 4 months)

Data Analysis – Advanced Certificate course/badge

Being a citizen data scientist is now part of nearly every role in business, education and service industries. After mastering the principles of data handling with SQL, Excel and other essential tools, you are ready to advance to establishing data strategies and refining techniques for identifying and communicating insights.

The Data Analysis – Advanced Certificate builds on the foundations and skills acquired in the Data Analysis Certificate and provides the next level of understanding. You examine the use of statistics to effectively evaluate raw data and its limitations. You learn and practice new skills for manipulating data while preserving its integrity and deriving actionable insights. Courses in the advanced certificate are highly interactive with lectures and coaching from working professionals with advanced degrees.

Learning Outcomes: Apply statistical principles to data analysis; Construct strategy to determine data to be collected and to identify analysis methodologies; Use predictive analytic models to turn data into knowledge; Transform raw data into meaningful information; Generate advanced visualizations that clearly convey data insights

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