Master Trainer Certificate

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Long Term (Greater than 4 months)

Master Trainer Certificate course/badge

Effective training relies on the technical expertise of a trainer and strong communication skills. The Master Trainer Certificate follows the complete process, from beginning to end, of creating a training program. Beginning with design, then moving through development, delivery and presentation, our program optimizes your facilitation and leadership skills. It emphasizes the alignment of necessary technical knowledge and soft skills to help you transition from a technical expert to a strategic leader within your organization. Through the program, you work with our experienced instructors and learn how to create effective training programs for learners of all different styles.

Learning Outcomes: Create a training evaluation strategy that corresponds to unique learning environments; Draft and finalize a lesson plan specific to your organization’s training needs; Conduct lectures and group discussions that accommodate different situations and learners; Identify meaningful and engaging methods specific to online learning programs; Analyze corporate culture and align it to your training outcomes; Develop innovative training designs to accelerate the learning process

Earn the certificate by completing 4 core courses.