Solution-Focused Business Professional Certificate

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Long Term (Greater than 4 months)

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Problem-solving methods that are proven and effective are integral to creating positive change within an organization. The Solution-Focused Business Professional (SFBP) Certificate focuses on learning and adopting tools of the Solution-Focused (SF) approach. Pioneered by Marc McKergow, the SF method allows managers, coaches, consultants and facilitators to enhance their skill sets to build on what is working rather than fixing what isn’t. Using this powerful and pragmatic approach, you work directly with Dr. McKergow to address real-world problems specific to your organization’s needs. Following this 16-week online program, you achieve a full understanding of the SF method and use it to address situations that all business professionals face.

Learning Outcomes: Identify different types of problems and assess how best to apply SF methods; Formulate a robust methodology to address problems in an individual, team and organizational context; Apply the six SF principles to your coaching and managerial practices; Evaluate your current workplace projects using the SF approach; Create a strategy to implement real, positive change in a wide range of work settings; Demonstrate your solution building in one-on-one and group settings