1. Students – College Completion

Harnessing the combined efforts of the region’s institutions, HERA bridges equity gaps and increases student credential and degree completion rates, enhances employee readiness, expands the region’s talent pool, and ensures success in an increasingly competitive, 21st Century business market.

HERA represents over 125,000 degree-seeking students across southeastern Wisconsin who are key to driving our economy. Each year, 24,000 of these students earn degrees and certifications from HERA institutions and enter the talent pipeline.

graphic representing students

2. Institutional Programs – Aligning, Evolving, Innovating

Our educational programs must align and evolve to better meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy, one driven by innovation and in which current supply and demand for talent are mismatched.

HERA is resourced with more than 8,000 instructional staff and faculty who ensure our students receive the training they need today to fill the jobs of tomorrow.

graphic representing faculty

3. Employers – Expanding Talent Bridges

HERA is a unified voice and efficient solution to connect businesses with talent and promote the value of living and working in southeastern Wisconsin.

HERA institutions report as many as 90% of graduating college and university students stay in the state to work (rates vary across SE WI).

graphic representing employers