HERA Partner Institutions Honored for Commitment to the Moon Shot for Equity Initiative

HERA partners Carthage College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and University of Wisconsin – Parkside were recognized with the Student Success Collaborative – CONNECTEDness Award from education firm EAB for their commitment to the Moon Shot for Equity initiative. The four HERA institutions were the first regional consortium of higher education institutions to be part of the initiative.

Moon Shot for Equity is led by EAB and focuses on eliminating equity gaps in higher education by 2030. The four HERA partner institutions took part in equity-mindedness training and were taught research-based best practices proven to remove systemic barriers to success in education. Learnings from this initiative were then shared with the 14 other HERA higher education partners to ensure all have the resources needed to further bridge equity gaps and increase student credential and degree completion rates.

The CONNECTEDness Award was presented at CONNECTED21, a three-day virtual gathering of thousands of student success leaders from progressive community colleges as well as four-year colleges and universities.

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