AI Python Certificate

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Intermediate (4 months or less)

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Designed to be easy to read and to use, Python is a popular and powerful programming language for users of all levels. Python has emerged in recent years as a critical tool for data analytics and artificial intelligence, not only for technical teams but also for professionals in business roles. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics using Python are among the key strategic initiatives for many companies today. From facial recognition to manufacturing to software automation, organizations need employees who understand these important concepts. The Python Certificate provides you with this essential understanding ­– taking you from basic skills to applied knowledge through four convenient courses. Identify, interpret and apply core programming building blocks in Python code
Build on existing code and Python libraries;
Gain insights into the primary approaches of AI and the types of business problems to which they can be applied;
Code machine learning and deep learning sample projects;
Apply predictive analytics to solve business and other data problems