Business Professional Essentials (61-106-1)

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Long Term (Greater than 4 months)

Students who follow this career pathway will develop skills in designing documents with graphics included, basic accounting procedures, and presentation of information. Students will obtain the basic skills in developing spreadsheets and databases along with the creating, formatting, and enhancing word documents. Business Professional Essentials allows student to use their skills to create correspondence, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. They need to be creative, have the ability to work on their own, and communicate both verbally and in writing. Potential related occupations include General Clerk, Secretary, Office Assistant, and Human Resource Associate. This credential is 15 credits and can be taken in-person on the Kenosha campus or online. Students who are interested in continuing into the 10-106-6 Administrative Professional program can earn their associate degree by completing an additional 48 credits.