Digital Marketing Certificate

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Long Term (Greater than 4 months)

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In the rapidly changing digital landscape, marketing teams are consistently facing new challenges. These challenges require individuals to adopt new and developing tools to stay competitive in the industry. The Digital Marketing Certificate builds a foundation of digital concepts and provides key skills for marketers at all levels. Participate in exercises and discussions, then create deliverables that you can take to your management team. Learn from industry experts to increase your skills and knowledge within the digital landscape.

Learning Outcomes: Define digital marketing concepts and their relation to business and marketing objectives; Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to develop actionable insights and recommendations for your business; Integrate digital marketing analytics into your practices to capture meaningful data for your website; Create program deliverables for your organization; Identify necessary tools to develop an effective digital market strategy; Apply a systematic method to create an integrated digital marketing plan

To get started, register for the recommended first course, Foundations for Effective Digital Marketing. Earn your certificate by completing all core courses and at least 2 electives.