Healing Focused Care Certificate

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Short Term (4 weeks or less)

Healing Focused Care Certificate course/badge

Gaining a foundational understanding of trauma and healing is paramount in today’s world, especially when it includes the ability to translate critical insight from the science of trauma into accessible and meaningful knowledge useful in day-to-day interactions, ongoing relationships and the development of human services programming. The Healing Focused Care Certificate does just that – introducing an approach for creating a conscious, purposeful, compassionate and respectful practice of trauma awareness and wellness that incorporates the best evidence-based strategies that allow space for trauma to heal. The certificate explores the ways that traumatic adversity happens to a person, the varied impacts of trauma that happen inside a person when the adversity is left unresolved, and the various approaches that enable trauma resolution and healing.

The certificate is taught by two practitioners with more than five decades of combined experience working to support healing and transformation for people who have witnessed and experienced hurt and pain as well as for those who have transferred that experience by perpetrating hurt and pain to others. The instructors are also learners themselves and have been voracious students of the ever-burgeoning field of trauma research with the purpose of translating and using the science for effective healing.

Learning Outcomes: Gain a deeply informed and practical answer to the question, what is trauma?; Understand and recognize the imprint of trauma on the body, particularly how it impacts brain development and embeds in the nervous system.; Explore the ways that unresolved trauma continues to manifest in people’s self-concept, worldview, thoughts, emotions and behaviors; Obtain a well-founded and pragmatic answer to the question, what is healing?; Acquire an understanding of what is required and necessary to support trauma resolution and healing.